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Make everyone you care about feel as
special as your best friend.

Founder Welcome: Why We Built NetworkNerd

A quick tour of the product


“For a very long time, I used to put all my connections into a spreadsheet…” - Jordan

“My family calls me the forgetful one…I love the fact that I get reminders about all the little details.” -Andres

How much is it worth to be the thoughtful one?

Why NetworkNerd?

5 star rating on the iOS app store!

A place for all those notes
Finally there's a place to put all that context we learn about the people we meet that doesn't fit neatly into a contact app. Kids, locations, how you met, and much more!
Smart Reminders
Remember exactly what matters when it matters. Don't forget to call Grandma! Remember to offer help when it matters. Buy that birthday gift ahead of time, or even get notified when traveling near people you know.
Contacts and Calendar
Powerfully connect and sync your contacts from your Apple contacts into NetworkNerd and back out. No duplication. Create people automatically from your Google calendar.