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NetworkNerd is not your average contact app. Sign up to use the power of smart reminders, Siri-enabled actions, contextual search, and much more.

An Introduction

Why NetworkNerd?

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Remember What Matters
We meet people constantly, but recalling important details about a person's life is difficult and deprives us of more meaningful connections. With NetworkNerd, you can securely keep track of these details and receive regular reminders to cultivate your relationships personally and professionally.
Find Details With Ease
Before NetworkNerd, it was impossible to search your relationships for "everyone with kids," or "people with investing experience," or "startup Founder." Now you can surface contacts with hard to define commonalities in seconds.
Gentle Reminders to Keep in Touch
Each day you will receive a digest email reminding you of the key factoids about the person that matter in your world. Use these to remember to stay in touch or make spontaneous connections to improve your day.