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Quickly discover, organize and cultivate a personalized and collaborative network.

Gentle Reminders

Stay on top of your venture with custom reminders about key factoids on the people that can help you supercharge your career. Increase your client outreach through these curated touchpoints.

Find With Ease

Before NetworkNerd, it was impossible to search your relationships for "freelance technition," or "go-to-market strategist," or "tech startup founder." Find shared experiences with the professionals that matter!

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We take your security seriously. Data privacy is ensured through multi-tiered data encryption. And you can dowload your data for free anytime. Your business ventures have never been safer!

How It Works

We get it... keeping track of everyone you know is hard.

Remembering Important Connections

Professional credibility goes a long way in establishing industry presence. NetworkNerd helps you create an ongoing impression with all of your contacts by reminding you to reconnect with potential clients, or remember networking opportunities. Strengthen your brand identity through all your connection touchpoints with NetworkNerd!

Reaching Out to the Right People

Starting a venture often means adding a sea of new people to your network. Whether it be clients, contractors, or new referals, NetworkNerd helps connect you with the right peopele by surfacing hard to define commonalities between your contacts. Finding the right person has never been easier!

Improving Brand Presence

Never miss out on a great opportunity during your venture. With NetworkNerd, you can keep track of professional contacts and receive regular reminders to improve your client relationships – we help you build awareness and maintain your work relationships. Turn a good first impression into a great relationship with NetworkNerd!


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