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With NetworkNerd, you can manage and organize your professional connections throughout your career!


Quickly discover, organize and foster a network of the best opportunities.


Gentle Reminders

NetworkNerd helps you get the most out of your networking sessions. Receive reminders on key field details, potential partners, and even job openings to help you stay on top of your networking game!


Find With Ease

Before NetworkNerd, it was impossible to sift through your connections by searching "sales professional," or "angel investor," or "startup founder." Find the professional you’re looking for today!


Secure And Safe

We take your security seriously. Data privacy is ensured through multi-tiered data encryption. And you can dowload your data for free anytime. Your networking exchange has never felt safer!

How It Works

Professional networking done right with NetworkNerd.


Remembering Professional Connections

Once you make a new connection, it’s important to stay in touch – NetworkNerd is here to help you maintain communication! Whether it be professors, coworkers, or alumni, NetworkNerd alerts you with curated reminders to reach out. The better your relationships are, the stronger your professional footprint will be!

Seizing Opportunities

Defining your career goals begins with understanding how to organize your professional network. With NetworkNerd, you can stand out after your networking sessions  by drawing on hard-to-define commonalities between your connections. Know exactly who to go to for professional advice!

Building a Strong Network

In our lives, we meet about 80,000 different people, but how many of these do we really keep in our network? NetworkNerd ensures you never miss a connection or another opportunity, and know exactly when to turn those cold contacts warm. Make connections that will help you throughout your career!


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